8 Deacon Self Assessment Questions


Want a handy way to run a pre-flight check before serving as a  deacon?  Want to start a good discussion with fellow deacons?  Want to have a discussion at deacons' meeting about "how we're  doing"?   Here are a few thought-provoking questions!

Just wondering, as I look inside my own heart....  are there clear signs there that say "this is a deacon's heart"?  Here's a check list I found helpful.

  1. Is Jesus the Christ being formed within me?  (Gal 4:19)
  2. Do I have a regular routine with Jesus - both listening to him and talking to him?
  3. Do I make it a point to encourage my fellow deacons on a regular basis?
  4. Do I take time to come to meetings prayed up and with my homework done?
  5. Is my checkbook consistent with what I say about stewardship, generosity, and the church budget?
  6. Do I help to assist the pastor to preach on biblical stewardship in a way that fits our congregation?
  7. Do I and my deacon colleagues have a good handle on the gifts and needs of the members and the community?
  8. Have I  checked with Deacon Network readers to see what I need to add to my check list?
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Thanks for posting this Karl.  I definitely appreciate the depth and breadth of the questions for self and group analysis!  Great  job spurring us on!