How Can a Church Unleash Its Deacons?


Are deacons in your church a key to becoming a healthier congregation?

Is there a story to tell?

Here’s what I’m wondering:

Are the deacons encouraged to link strongly to the classical diaconal team? Has your pastor planned a series of sermons on stewardship in close collaboration with the deacons?  Is there any regular and routine setting in which the deacons are asked HOW they have ministered to the poor, and to the wealthy during the past month?

Is the congregation regularly encouraged to tell stories about how they’ve lived out diaconal service?  Are worship services planned regularly with references to diaconal messages, functions, roles, office?  Do congregational prayers regularly include specific thanksgiving and intercession for deacons and their work?  Is the offering time in the service used well for short clear messages to the congregation about how the offerings are used?

Are deacons regularly going deep into the Word together to enrich and nourish their own spiritual resources?

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Love these questions. We are beginning to ask similar ones of the Host Churches for Youth Unlimited's Serve since that one week opportunity ought to have strong links to the ongoing work of the congregation in the community. 

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The deacons might check with most or all of the social agencies or ministries in the city or county to see how thy serve them.