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The lights dim, a hush falls over the crowd, anticipation builds for the unveiling of… a new guide for the Deacons network. The curtain lifts. It’s (me) Melissa. Perhaps I am being a little too dramatic or even [gasping at the idea] thinking too highly of myself. Then again, I’m not witnessing your response at the computer… Anyway, Hi. I’m happy to be here!

I'm excited about stepping into this role as guide of the Deacons network. I must say it’s hard to follow in the footsteps of Karl Westerhof. He’s encouraged, inspired, challenged and taught us how to grow in our faith and embrace our roles as deacons with gusto. Please join me in commending his work and words over this past year. He set up the resources we use, and has created this online space that is welcoming and informative. THANK YOU, KARL!

Being a deacon has changed my life. I am about to complete my first 3-year term as deacon and have served as chair for the past 2 years. It has been amazing to witness what God is doing and to be invited to participate in that. I’m currently the BCNW Board Representative for Diaconal Ministries of Canada and because of that I also participate on the Operation Manna committee. I’m constantly learning about what it means to be the church and how to live out the deacon call faithfully. I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences as deacons and I’m excited that this network is a place where we all can learn from one another.

I live with a few friends in the Vancouver area of beautiful British Columbia and love the outdoors. Having moved from Ontario 6 years ago, I still haven’t got used to how tall the trees are or to the chill the rain causes, however I am thankful to live here, to see the ocean and hike the mountains. It’s truly a gift.

I look forward to our journey together, and hope that as you get to know me, I’ll get to know you too. Peace. 

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Hi Melissa! I'm looking forward to your contributions to the Network! (And your link to our classis website reminds me of my summer project to complete it! Did you try clicking on Links or Contacts?) ~Stan

Thanks Stan! I look forward to your insights and comments! I had followed the links, and laughed at the clever space fillers. The site looks good, I was impressed we even had one! Nice work!

I work as a Deacons coordinator in Kenya for the Reformed Church of East Africa, Deacons department in Kenya. I would be happy if we could receive volunteer deacons work / partner with our deacons care committee in kenya. Looking for partners in deacons ministry.

Contact on this email.

James, nice to meet you! I think it's amazing that we can have a conversation about partnering. I definitely want to dialogue with you more about how we can serve/share with each other! I'll be in touch! (And maybe other curious/interested deacons will be too!)