What Kind of Help Helps?


I've been wondering what kind of help deacons find helpful...

I once had a boss who was in the habit of copying a page or two out of a book, and then giving it to me, saying, "Here, I think you'll find this helpful".   He left me to imagine what situation or behavior of mine he was trying to help!

That's not a helpful way to provide resources to someone.  Telling deacons about a book or a web page or an article may not be so helpful either.   Resources are "out there" by the oodles (doodles?) but it's pretty tricky to find the right one at the right time and use it well in your own situation.   More and more coaches and consultants are helping churches by "coming along side", offering a trained ear first, then entering into the conversation, and helping the congregation take a fresh look, ask fresh questions, and then discover a really appropriate resource.  

This set me to wondering, are there deacons who have experienced a really new beginning, or who are on an exciting and hopeful journey of leadership and service?   How did that happen?   Was something or someone particularly helpful?  What kind of help really helped?    I'd like to hear a story about that.

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