Your Role: Is It Too Much To Handle?


“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well”. - Julian of Norwich

You’ve just finished a long day at work. You came home, ate dinner, spent time with the family, did some household chores and finally have a few minutes to sit down at the computer to catch up on those personal e-mails. That’s when it appears. It’s a deacon situation. And you wish it hadn't showed up. At least not today.

I’m sure it’s happened to many of us. I definitely won’t point a finger of judgment at you for wanting to pretend that you didn’t see that e-mail (or even ignoring it for a couple days). Our role as a deacon demands a lot from us. The call is a weighty one and I know there are times when we feel like we can’t handle it. There are days we may even question why we said “yes” to the call in the first place. We can find ourselves dealing with the needs of others while, at the same time, thinking “What about MY needs?”.

Rather than allowing seeds of doubt or bitterness to be planted and take root, stop for a moment and remember: You are not alone. We all serve as part of team. When we are feeling empty with nothing left to give, we need to be honest and share that with those who serve with us. Be assured, you will find yourself cared for. Through that support you will be able to continue, with God’s strength, to do the work He has prepared for you and equipped you for.

Have you experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed? Maybe even over-overwhelmed? :) How did you respond? Have you supported a peer through a crisis of their call? What advice would you offer to those who find themselves weary or struggling in their deacon role today?

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