The Hush of Mental Illness


Thinking about mental health this month is an emphasis both in the U.S. and Canada. Here's a poem sent to Disability Concerns to remind us that we need to bring what is hidden out in the open so that love can abound. 

By Louise G. Fisher

Hush! say the families,
We’d be embarrassed for others to know.

Hush! say the siblings.
We’d rather die than let anyone know.

Hush! says the minister.
Someone might feel uncomfortable, you know.

Hush! say the deacons.
We look after the physically sick, you know.

Hush! say some church members.
I don’t want anyone to know about me or my relatives, you know.

Hush! say the government leaders.
There’s not enough money to go around, you know.

Hush! says society.
‘Cause we really don’t want to know, you know.

Pray for people with mental illnesses, my Lord did say.
I died for them too, you know.

Love people with mental illnesses, my Lord did say.
My grace is sufficient for the task, you know.

Speak out with people with mental illnesses, my Lord did say.
For they are among the least of these, you know.

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 Mental illness is less stigmatized than it used to be, but in some areas they are still the lepers of our age.  And yet, mental illnesses are NOT contagious.  You can't catch one by touching someone who suffers from a mental illness, regardless of which illness it happens to be.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Beautifully said, Michele.