Liturgy of Commissioning for Missionaries


This resource, patterned after the style of the Worship Sourcebook, offers you options in several categories: introduction, responsive readings, litanies, ordination, etc. Select one or more options from each category to create a unique commissioning liturgy. We have also assembled a list of mission-focused songs to assist with worship planning.

Why Commission?

Resonate Global Mission would like to see all our missionaries be commissioned by their home church. This action clearly says that the missionaries are not on their own — they are called by God and sent as agents of the Church. Missionaries are an extension of the congregation’s ministry (Acts 13:3).

By commissioning, you also provide inspiration for how God is working among your membership and in the world: young adults who are wondering if this is also their calling, older folks who may not feel the call to go but can send and engage in ministry right where they are, and pastors who remember their own ordinations through this ceremony and are inspired again toward the work of ministry. This connects the work of God in your local congregation to God’s calling in the heart of individual missionaries and God’s work in the world.

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