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We are hiring a Director of Student Ministries and Outreach to help our students and congregation become more like Jesus.  This is a full-time position on staff at Ferrysburg Community Church.  The primary role is to lead and coordinate student ministries.  A secondary role is overseeing our programs and initiatives of outreach.  We anticipate about ⅔ time being given to student ministries with the rest toward outreach and other staff responsibilities.

The Context

Ferrysburg Community Church (FCC) is nestled behind a dune in the city of Ferrysburg, MI.  Ferrysburg is one of the “tri-cities,” along with Spring Lake and Grand Haven.  The area features an array of recreational waters, beaches, nature trails, and bike paths.  The tri-cities boast some of the best school systems in the state of Michigan.  

The Church

  • Vision
    Ferrysburg Community Church is a community of all kinds of people who are becoming more like Jesus by growing closer to God, growing deeper in his family, and growing louder in his world.  

    • We are a community of all kinds of people.  Anyone seeking to grow in a relationship with Jesus should be able and welcome to do that here.  Regardless of age, economic status, race, religious background, or any other designation, we will offer people the opportunity to grow in a relationship with Jesus and become like him.
    • We are becoming more like Jesus.  God’s goal for every one of his children is to become like Jesus.  As C.S. Lewis said, “The Church exists for nothing else but to draw men into Christ, to make them little Christs. If they are not doing that, all the cathedrals, clergy, missions, sermons, even the Bible itself, are simply a waste of time. God became Man for no other purpose.”
    • We become more like Jesus by growing closer to God.  The basis of Jesus’ work and action was a dynamic relationship with his Father.  This foundation gave strength and effectiveness to Jesus’ life and ministry.  We become like Jesus by deepening our relationship with God.  This happens corporately through worship and privately through spiritual disciplines.  Practically, this involves equipping people with tools for growth toward God and giving them the support and encouragement to utilize them.
    • We become more like Jesus by growing deeper in God’s family.  Jesus chose not to do life by himself.  He chose community and family.  Jesus invested heavily in the people and relationships around him.  To become like Jesus means being deeply connected in God’s family.  This goes beyond worshiping together on Sunday (although it certainly starts there).  It means spending time together in formal and informal settings.  Being together becomes a natural part of our lives.  
    • We become more like Jesus by growing louder in God’s world.  The central message of Jesus to the world was that the kingdom of God was near and had come.  Our job in becoming like him is to continue announcing that kingdom to the world around us.  We want to announce it as loudly as possible.  We do this through actions that demonstrate God’s kingdom - feeding the hungry, being present to the lonely, etc.  We also do it through sharing the grace of Jesus with people who need a relationship with him.  In all these ways we turn up the volume on the message of God’s grace and kingdom.
    • As part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, we are committed to approaching the Bible and engaging our society from a Reformed world and life view.

    While no church is perfect, FCC has a very healthy culture within the congregation, staff and leadership.  Our pastor has served for nearly 20 years.  Other staff members also have long tenures and have been a part of the church before starting their employment.  There is a deep love and commitment among our leadership for the church and the congregation.  We welcome those who are new and emphasize hospitality.

The Position

The Director of Student Ministries and Outreach is a full-time position.  The primary responsibility is for leading and coordinating student ministries.  

  • Student Ministries - responsibilities organized around our vision

    • Growing Closer to God
      • Teach students how to practice spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible reading
      • Help students develop a Christian world and life view and teach them how to be discerning toward culture
      • Pray for students and be available to help them through challenges and to deal with questions
    • Growing Deeper in God’s Family
      • Develop relationships and community among middle and high school students
      • Build connections between students and the broader congregation, including a strong and committed corps of volunteers
      • Spend time getting to know students on their own turf, even those who don’t attend meetings
      • Oversee a vibrant and robust program of mentoring between students and adult mentors
    • Growing Louder in God’s World
      • Lead a mission trip each year for students and adults
      • Make our student ministries a safe and fun place for all kinds of students from the community to attend
      • Lead the students in periodic service events


A secondary part of the position is a focus on leading our church in reaching out.  This primarily takes place through coordinating our annual kingdom investment.

  • Participate in choosing an annual kingdom investment project
  • Lead and coordinate our efforts on the project, recruiting a team and other volunteers to participate
  • Communicate with the congregation regarding opportunities and updates

    Additional Responsibilities
    As with any job, there are things that go beyond the job description.  These are examples of additional ways this position could be asked to engage as a leader and staff member.

    • Participate in the worship service according to gifts
    • Participate in weekly staff meetings 
    • Be available to serve on committees and help as needed


    Compensation and Benefits

    • Annual Salary
    • Health and Life Insurance + HSA contribution equal to annual deductible
    • Vacation 
    • Continuing Education Allowance
    • Expense reimbursement

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