Gender Dynamics in Church Leadership (Shared Leadership)


A few years ago, the Leadership Development Team of Classis Grand Rapids East hosted a one-hour presentation on some concerns that arise between men and women working together to build holistic ministry in our churches. Ken Bratt, team leader, Amanda Roozeboom, and Denise Posie led the evening event. The topics included:

  • healthy communication among leaders
  • appropriate professional boundaries
  • sharing of authority
  • mutual respect and support
  • visible presence in the congregation

The presentation had three movements based on 4 highly recommended podcasts by Jim Herrington, currently Co-Founder/Owner at The Leader’s Journey Coaching for Wholehearted Leadership, and Trisha Taylor, Minister and Consultant (both are formerly of Ridder Renewal).

Ken gave a detailed overview of the content of the 4 podcasts (see attachment). The podcast links can be found below. 

  1. What is God's Design for Men and Women as They Work Together?
  2. What About the Billy Graham Rule?
  3. Can You Hear What I'm Saying?
  4. How Can Men and Women Support Each Other in This Journey?

Amanda reflected on her 10-year ministry journey at Seymour CRC, and shared lessons learned and appreciation for her experiences.

Denise shared a couple of relevant ministry experiences, and facilitated discussion among the delegates with guiding questions, and helped participants give feedback to one another in the plenary session. Her main advice was to talk about the topic often, and to listen to one another! 

We hope you will use these podcasts as a tool to learn about gender dynamics and change the way we interact with one another. Classis Grand Rapids East said, "Your presentations and the entire hour were so very well done. So thankful for all of you." 

Consider hosting a presentation in your classes, church or ministry using the same or similar format as we did in Classis Grand Rapids East.

May men and women thrive together in ministry!

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