Canadian National Gathering 'Bulletin Board'


Fellow Gatherers of the Canadian National Gathering, the planning team would like to hear how God is speaking to you as we approach the 2019 Gathering this May. 

This triennial gathering provides a space for the Christian Reformed Church in Canada to congregate to discern, envision, and look strategically at where the Ministry in Canada is being called. The 2019 Gathering will build on the work started at the 2016 Gathering held in Waterloo, Ontario. 

This year, the Canadian National Gathering will be held in Edmonton, Alberta from May 24-26. The theme is ‘Emptiness to Fullness’. Delegates from every classis have been selected and are now receiving preparation materials. Delegates are encouraged to read, watch, and discuss the materials received each month. 

As part of this preparation, we would also like to invite delegates to use this post as a ‘bulletin board’ to discuss Gathering 2019, in addition to connecting with your delegate partner. 

This ‘bulletin board’ is a space for you to share your input, thoughts, and reflections on what you have been viewing or reading, interesting things you may have been reading about churches and their mission, thoughts about the Gathering, and a place where you can ask questions and make comments and observations.  

The planning team would also love to hear from you as we continue to shape Gathering 2019 to allow us all to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches, and especially the CRC.

Please post and check back often as we prepare for this important event.

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Let's Discuss…

We love your comments! Thanks for your help upholding the Community Guidelines to make this an encouraging and respectful community for everyone.

Especially the January Banner has vignettes of different CRC churches engaged in their communities and the Christian Courier of January has a key article about the decline in membership of the CRC.  Are the two related?  Are they fodder for conversation at Gathering 2019?

Yes, I've read them , and find myself looking through these excellent publications of our church for articles that relate to our Gathering.

We received a list of our Classis delegates; I just wondered if we could have a national list of delegates?

Community Builder

Hello Hans.

Thanks for the question. A couple of things. People who are attending The Gathering are participants, not delegates. That's just a little church order sort of thing. You have no official status. So we recognize you as participants. But very important ones.

To answer your question, yes you will be receiving a list of who is who and from where soon. Keep your eyes peeled for an email with the list.

I hope you are engaging with the material that was sent out to you. I hope that you are praying for the event. I hope you are getting excited.

Blessings on the journey.

On behalf of the planning team, Richard Bodini.

Hello fellow participants!   I'm so excited to be a part of this community that will grow over time both in numbers, and  to grow together spiritually.  Wintertime is truly a blessing to 'dig deep ' into our faith , the Bible, and our walk with God.  The Gathering, to me , symbolizes hope and possibility for the Christian Reformed Church in Canada, and also as a whole denomination across other countries.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Let's let that gratitude spill over into our world , right where we are, and show others the light of Christ.

Hi Lynda

I think you've hit the nail on the head with your comment re. creating a community growing together.  That's one of the aims of the planning team.  We so hope that gatherers will take time to pray, read, reflect, consult with others in their communities as they prepare to share what God has laid on their hearts with fellow believers from across our wonderful land.  We hope, that through The Gathering, bonds across the country will be strengthened and the church will be strengthened in its mission as hands and feet of Jesus in our land and across the world.  The CRC may be small as far as churches go but, in the power of the Spirit using the hard work and insights of many, its impact has been great.  Praise God for that but we are entering a different era and we hope that this Gathering will help the church move into a renewed commitment to serve the King in all areas of life.  


I am also excited to be a participant in this event. I am greatly encouraged by the preparation exercises.  The reading list is awesome - I particularly like the Ruth Haley Barton book on discernment.  

Gerry Noordegraaf 

Hi Gerry,

Thank your for the encouragement.  The planning team is excited to hear that you find the preparation exercises helpful and hope that your fellow gatherers feel the same way.  We hope that the readings, viewing and exercising the spiritual disciplines will help prepare the way for the Spirit to work in His church so that the world might know Jesus and be blessed in this knowledge,


Joh Vanderhoek


Hmmm...interesting reflection in Resurrecting Religion: Finding Our Way Back to the Good News (Paul).  It seems that the church he established began to lose members when well meaning volunteers took over providing food, etc. to the homeless rather than having the homeless actively engaged in at least preparing their own meals and being involved in clean-up.  Wonder why that is.