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Just wondering ... Is the plan to one day integrate all of what we currently find at www.crcna.org into www.crcna.org/Network? That would seem to me to be an effective way to avoid duplication. It would also quickly connect visitors to crcna.org both to the info they're looking for as well as with real people. — Stanley

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Great question. At this point, I can't see rolling the two sites together because the overlap is fairly small. But I do think the Network site provides a new, more social way to discover and access resources that are housed elsewhere on CRCNA.org.

Having said that, there may be certain situations where the Network eliminates the need for a more traditional 'site'. For example, there's a Faith Formation website that was set up a couple of years ago and, now, a discussion network. The two complement each other nicely, but the next time a situation like that arises it could be that a guided network would be a nice all-in-one solution.

Other thoughts about the connection between the Network and other CRCNA sites?

I could certainly see a connection with the Calvin Institute of Worship's website and some of their resources, blogs and such.


You wrote:

The category that you label as Native Americans does not compute here.

Actually, the network is called "Native American - First Nations Churches" which was an attempt to acknowledge exactly the point you made :-)

To your broader point, as someone who has spent plenty of time on both sides of the border I agree that there are distinct differences. But there are also distinct differences between churches by region, size of church, urban/rural/suburban, ministry passion, etc. 

I'm sure these differences will play out in conversations across all the networks. At times it will be a challenge, no doubt, but it's also an opportunity to learn from each other. I think that's one of the great things about making this a CRCNA-wide conversation instead of separate US and CDN conversations.