Just Say 'Hi' (you might win a prize!)


NOTE: The contest is now closed. We've announced the winners here and launched a new challenge!

If you’re like most people, you read posts on The Network but rarely, if ever, add a comment of your own.

Don’t worry, it’s normal (and there are plenty of sites where I do the same thing). But it’s also a missed opportunity to share, encourage and compare notes about ministry.

Well, today is the day to make the big move from a reader of this website, into a participant!

Because you could win a most coveted prize (or whatever the Reformed way of saying that would be): your very own, shiny-new Network mug! Plus a $25 Amazon gift card to go with it.

And all you have to do is say “Hi”.

Seriously, that’s it.

Just log in and say “hi” as a comment to this post. “Hello” works too. Or you can say something nice about The Network and our awesome mugs .

The point is...all you need to do is leave a comment here. One randomly selected commenter will be the recipient of his or her very own Network mug, plus a $25 Amazon gift card to buy some coffee/tea for the mug, or a book to read while you’re sipping from it.

And you can triple your opportunity to win by using our new, ‘single-sign-on’ feature.

If you missed the memo, here’s the deal: you can now use the same login on the Network, Banner, and CRCNA.org websites. Once you’ve logged into one, you won’t have to re-enter your password for the others. Just click ‘login’, confirm, and you’re in. It’s super easy.

So once you’ve commented here, visit the other two sites to login and say ‘hi” there. Doing so will triple your likelihood of winning! We’ll let this run for a couple of weeks (or so) and then randomly select one winner per site, and each will get the mug and $25 gift card.

So, to recap:

  1. log in here and say “hi” as a comment to this post
  2. use the same login to say “hi” here on TheBanner.org
  3. use the same login to say “hi” here on CRCNA.org

...and boom, you’re entered to win a mug and you’re ready to participate actively on all three sites. Maybe help someone out by answering their Ministry Q&A question, starting a forum discussion, or by commenting on something written by one of our hard-working ministry bloggers (they’re volunteers, so your kudos makes a difference!).

Tell your friends and family about this giveaway. Yes, it’ll reduce your chance of winning a mug. But you’ll have warm fuzzy feelings knowing you helped spread the word about how The Network can better connect us all for ministry. 

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Hi. Looking forward to what you might have for Church Librarians.


Hi Karen - Glad you've joined The Network. We have a discussion forum on Church Libraries and it could use some more activity. Hope you can help start some conversation there.

Thanks, Tim.  Definately checking that out!

Hi!  Read off, post not so often!

Hi.  I'd love to win the gift certificate (but most of all the mug!) I'm looking forward to buying the latest Charles Martin novel.


Keep up the good work that you do for us!

Hi.  I have appreciated the posts and discussions related to Church Administration.



Hellooooooo!  :)





I can't decide so I'll say "Hi" and "Hello"   lol






Thanks for all the posts each week. I admit I read but seldom post comments. Thanks for the prompt. 





HI.. !

Hi there! Problem solved-I wasn't able to leave a comment using Internet Explorer, but it worked on Google Chrome.

Hello!  Wondering if the contest is open to Canadians.....


Hello from sunny Denver!


I thought Mark Driscoll was in the running for "Most Venal Pastor of the Year.


"Pastor Mark Driscoll Might Give You an iPad if You Praise His Book on Amazonposted by UNPAID INTERN on MON, JAN 21, 2013 at 5:33 PM"

CRC must be trying for "Cheapest Venal Denomination." <G>



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Hi, I always enjoy reading most of the blogs and check out the discussion pages. Always interested in more about prayer.



and thanks for faithfully posting this blog.

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Hello!   I want to win!   Please pick me!


Hi.  I'll do (almost) anything for an amazon gift card!


Hi. I enjoy the provocative or helpful content of many of the entries. Thanks to all!




Hi!  Thanks for the invite to be a winner!

Hi, and thanks for all the good work


HI! I read posts on the network often, but don't reply much. Thanks to all who take the time to blog!

Hi! I really like your coffee mug :)

Greetings from Willowdale CRC.

Good morning from Edmonton :)

Good morning from Chicago.

Thanks for the Network.  I never miss scanning through each new post to see what might peak my interest.