Just Say 'Hi' (you might win a prize!)


NOTE: The contest is now closed. We've announced the winners here and launched a new challenge!

If you’re like most people, you read posts on The Network but rarely, if ever, add a comment of your own.

Don’t worry, it’s normal (and there are plenty of sites where I do the same thing). But it’s also a missed opportunity to share, encourage and compare notes about ministry.

Well, today is the day to make the big move from a reader of this website, into a participant!

Because you could win a most coveted prize (or whatever the Reformed way of saying that would be): your very own, shiny-new Network mug! Plus a $25 Amazon gift card to go with it.

And all you have to do is say “Hi”.

Seriously, that’s it.

Just log in and say “hi” as a comment to this post. “Hello” works too. Or you can say something nice about The Network and our awesome mugs .

The point is...all you need to do is leave a comment here. One randomly selected commenter will be the recipient of his or her very own Network mug, plus a $25 Amazon gift card to buy some coffee/tea for the mug, or a book to read while you’re sipping from it.

And you can triple your opportunity to win by using our new, ‘single-sign-on’ feature.

If you missed the memo, here’s the deal: you can now use the same login on the Network, Banner, and CRCNA.org websites. Once you’ve logged into one, you won’t have to re-enter your password for the others. Just click ‘login’, confirm, and you’re in. It’s super easy.

So once you’ve commented here, visit the other two sites to login and say ‘hi” there. Doing so will triple your likelihood of winning! We’ll let this run for a couple of weeks (or so) and then randomly select one winner per site, and each will get the mug and $25 gift card.

So, to recap:

  1. log in here and say “hi” as a comment to this post
  2. use the same login to say “hi” here on TheBanner.org
  3. use the same login to say “hi” here on CRCNA.org

...and boom, you’re entered to win a mug and you’re ready to participate actively on all three sites. Maybe help someone out by answering their Ministry Q&A question, starting a forum discussion, or by commenting on something written by one of our hard-working ministry bloggers (they’re volunteers, so your kudos makes a difference!).

Tell your friends and family about this giveaway. Yes, it’ll reduce your chance of winning a mug. But you’ll have warm fuzzy feelings knowing you helped spread the word about how The Network can better connect us all for ministry. 

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Good Morning.  I would love to see a discussion reviewing church software.  I am specifically looking for a new system to track monetary contributions and membership statistics (name, address, photo, births, deaths, marriages, baptisms, etc.).  Thanks!


Hi Ellen, Thanks for joining in! Check out the discussion here - I think it's exactly what you're looking for. Or if you have more specific questions, feel free to post a new question/discussion in that same forum and I'm sure some others will chime in to assist. Network members are a helpful bunch!

Community Builder

Hi! Thanks for being part of the Network! I read and research topics often, but don't post comments much... I'd love a new tea mug, and my husband would love it if I used 'free money' for my Amazon addiction. :)

Blessings on all those who richly bless us! 


Such kind words, Geri. Thank you!

Hi! I love reading from the network every week, and also participating in some of the webinars!

Hello.  (Can I have my mug now?) 



Hey there...I'm ready to win!


 BULA! (Hello in Fiji), am also one who reads more than posts, but when I do........it's scintillating reading!

    Hey!! Kathy with two Hi's is double dipping. Like getting 2 raffle tickets while we all get one. Inquiry!








It is wonderful if there is a note about a Canadian issue in this email newsletter. It would be nice if this could happen more often

Hi. I could use a new mug.

Hi and Hello!  Technically retired, but totally rewired!  Network coffee sure beats Peets!

Soli Deo Gloria



Hi!  Look forward to receiving and reading the Network News each week.  Have been motivated to comment a number of times about some of my passions.

Also looking forward to receiving my mug and gift card!

Cowabunga !

Hello! What? Free stuff? I'm in.

I have an account & login for everything else, guess it's about time I have one on here as well!
Thanks for the work you do!


Hello from Sarnia!  I could sure use a nifty mug like that!  I tried last year to log in, but could never remember my password.  Hopefully I'll do better this year.


Glad you're back in, Betty! If you use Facebook, you can log into The Network using that instead (it will match by your email address). Same with Google or Yahoo logins. One less password to remember!



Hi, find the Network a great resource.  So many qualified people out there willing to chime in.

I love to win!

HI, like it!

Hi, My wife and I are sharing this account.  Looking forward to reading more.



Does anyone else have the "Hello, Better." commercial running through their head?

Hello! Hola! Ann-yeong-haseyo! Nyob Zoo! etc., etc., 


If there was a thumbs-up, I'd be using it here. Thanks!

This looks like a bribe, but it seems to be working!


Did I forget to mention that staff are excluded? Still, got you to post. Yeah!

Hi!  Is the CRC version of the lottery?  Does it help to say "hi" twice?


Sorry, we'll be randomly selecting by username rather than comment. Nice try though :-)

Hi!  Is the CRC version of the lottery?


hi! :)





Hello!!! I already have a mug, but I would love some new reading material. :)

Hi from sunny southern CA

If Paul wins, I want a referral fee.... hahahaaaa.



I lead a Mocha Moms group at church and would love a Network mug for the mocha!  Plus the gift certificate would be ideal for purchasing inspirational devotionals.  Eager to hear from you! 

Just to compliment you sincerely on your work on this website!!!   Personally I appreciate the forum to comment or to raise new or old issues for discussion in the broader northamerican crc context.   It works better than a type of "controlled" publication, although it is risky also.   I don't need another cup, since my cupboard "runneth over", but you deserve encouragement, so here it is.