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My daughter home schools our two grandsons ages 5 and 7 and is also Sunday School Teacher and in Leadership at Christ Alone Church

I am also very active in our Church and run the Projections work with the Media etc. That is how I ran across Young Jack Stockton's Dec. 5th 2010 presentation. My thought was that we would like to instill this level of understanding of the books of the Bible in our kids as well. 

I was wondering what teaching materials may be available.

Thank You Sincerely,

Yours In Christ

James M Murphy

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The Jack Stockton recitation is very nice.  It is basically the text to a song by the duo Aaron Jeffrey.  I’m not convinced that this young man has a particularly deep understanding of how Jesus can be found in every book of the Bible since he is merely reciting something someone else has written.  And, in listening to the recitation, I’m also not convinced that the writer has nailed it either.

But neither of those things are your point – your point is that you’d like your kids to have a deep understanding of the books of the Bible.  I agree – although I would suggest that many of the adults in our congregations would also struggle with just such an assignment!

Fortunately there are some excellent resources available to help us learn these things.  One that I particularly like is The Jesus Bible Storybook by Sally Lloyd-Jones.  It is outstanding.  But you should also be aware that the curriculum produced by Faith Alive Resources is created so that students will get a deep understanding of the Bible in context and also from a Reformed and Christ-centered perspective.  I think if you look carefully at any of their curriculums, including the new Dwell and also the new We, designed for intergenerational gatherings, you will be quite impressed with how theologically sound they are.

For use at home, look at the Nurture blog has some great suggestions.

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