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Well, it’s all over! Hard to believe that Christmas and all the New Year’s Eve festivities for 2010 are over. As I sit here in my office on a cold January day I find myself reflecting on my time off. (Yes, Youth Unlimited closes its doors between Christmas and the New Year.) 

During my time at home one of the big things we did was rearrange the furniture in our home. I know that doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing to do during this festive time of the year but in reality it was pretty cool. To do this I always like to start with my version of removing clutter — walking around the house with a big garbage bag and filling it! Then my dear wife promptly goes through the garbage bag to make sure I am not throwing away anything valuable. Once that is done, we move on to the big stuff — this desk goes here, this bookshelf goes there and before we know it 3 hours have passed and the house looks new again.  

If you think about it, that’s not a bad way to start the new year. No, it’s not a new year’s resolution — they are never fulfilled but perhaps a 'lifestyle adjustment' is a nicer, more proactive way to phrase it. As I sit and ponder I find myself looking into the various rooms of my life — son of the King, husband to an amazing wife, father, son of two wonderful earthly parents, son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, employee of Youth Unlimited, a Network Guide, friend to some and acquaintance to many and the list can go on.   

But I find myself asking the hard questions as I open the door to each room in my life — what needs to go into the garbage bag?  What needs to be moved into another room and what room needs to be locked for good? These are tough things to answer because there has been an investment made in each room. But as I noticed with my home in Hamilton, there is only so much room. The same with my personal life — there is only so much room to be effective.

So for me, my life adjustment is to continue going through each room prayerfully and removing the clutter of life so that I can be faithful at being the son of the King, I can be a loving, supportive and caring husband to my wife and 3 amazing kids, that I can be faithful to the ministry God has entrusted to me at Youth Unlimited etc. Yes, my garbage bag of life is filling up and a few doors will be locked closed. (Not throwing away the though) It’s a journey! One that is not always easy but one I do look forward to for 2011.

As you move forward for 2011, what will be your life adjustment? What adjustments need to be made in your ministry so that you can avoid burn-out or constant fatigue? As a Youth Pastor, what do you need to throw out so that you can remain faithful to your wife/husband? What youth ministry program at your church can be dropped and what meetings can go on if you are not present?

Take some time and explore life — YOUR LIFE! And begin the journey…

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