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We spend days trying to articulate the right words in order to convey correct doctrine and teachings during Bible study. We spend hours dwelling on details: Do I have the correct amount of Lays Rippled Backyard BBQ Kettle Cooked Potato Chip bags? Have I arranged the seats far enough apart for the boys and girls to not be tempted by each other? Do I have enough lights on and adults present? 

Occasionally, it’s good to use the words of others to transmit good concepts and practices for students to use. Here are a few articles and web pages I’ve recently found extremely helpful and relevant. 

For those of us who didn’t catch the above reference, Relevant Magazine is a go to for many different styles of readers. I find the magazine quite entertaining, intentional, and well rounded. The content of the magazine also deals, quite directly, with current (Christian) cultural questions. I don’t love everything I read, but I do read most and find that most is quite helpful. It’s my suggestion that you give it a read. 

Maybe it’s late Friday morn, and you find yourself disheveled. You have a group of parents coming tonight to join you, and you know that you must present your best impression. Your problem: time. The week has been from hell, and some of the volunteers you were counting on earlier in the week fell through. It’d be easier to cancel, but we know what council thinks of that. I recommend you go over to The Source For Youth Ministry for that quick fix. And for newbies, spend the first 12 months living on this site. The resources are endless. I’m a personal fan of The Human Tick-Tac-Toe.

And finally, get your students reading. I wasn’t the biggest fan of reading throughout high school and the early stages of college. But after many failed exams, I gave some thought to actually investing in the material my professors were sharing with me. The change was absolutely profound. I believe these few articles are simple and engaging for your students to read, but I recommend providing them with a continued database of thought building. 

How to Map Your Career Path Before It Starts An absolute gem for grade 12 seniors unsettled and feeling the major pressures to determine a LIFE direction. Or you could play the actual game with them?

10 Ways to Avoid Facebook Drama – The best thing we could do is create an account which doesn't get the constant news feed from our students causing us to roll our eyes. But, there’s a reality that this is a primary means of communication for this generation, and they eat articles like this up.

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