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I am asking around to the different forums how that Library Ministry can connect with the youth of our churches. It is not that there is not material out there for them. It is how to deliver it to them. Now that Christian Bands are getting mainline exposure and the book choices are getting better ... how do we hook our kids into great resources. 

Do you encourage your youth group to get to the library? Would it be better as a resource center? Do you suggest books or material to the Library? 

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Jo Vandermey

Providence CRC

Beamsville Ontario


I am in the process of establishing a new library at our Church and would like to have some ideas to get going.  Suggestions are welcome and any aspect of church library.

Jo Vandermey on March 9, 2011

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What questions do you have about starting a church library? There are some resources I can point you to or share with you what we have done at our church. 

I have the full support of my Pastor and the Church board on this.  I have so far acquired the shelving and some mateerials from donations.  I welcome you suggestion on any resources that I can acuire the the initial start up and also what cataloging system do you use.


Hi all,  For what it's worth as the youth director I maintain a small library of books that I own and/or purchase on behalf of our youth ministry right in our youth facility (it's a small building right next to our church).  I have check-out cards in them and regularly recommend them to youth in general as well as when one of the youth has specific questions that a book we have addresses.  It seems to go in spurts as far as youth reading them, but quite a number have been read.

Jo Vandermey on March 9, 2011

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

That is great that you supply your youth with material. My kids have always been big readers. They would read no matter what. But it has been teachers or other adults who have directed them to a good read or resourse. 

That is great!

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