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Does anyone have a description of duties for President of Council, President of Elders, President of Deacons? We would love to have samples available for churches.


Here's the Chairman Job Description we use:

Chairman’s Job description

 The chairman’s primary job is to advance the Kingdom of God through the promotion and  advancement of the Vision and Mission of 2nd Church.

The council shall elect a chairman to organize and run council and the elders’ meetings, and to communicate these groups’ decisions to the church at members' meetings.


 The chairman must keep in mind the following principles:

Prayer it the most important part of every meeting

The Spirit will lead – be attentive and patient

Grace and Truth must be kept in balance

God has blessed the members with a diversity of gifts

Appropriate transparency and confidentiality are essential


            As the leader he must model and promote a culture of:





                        Use of gifts and callings



                        Open, frank and fair discussion


            As a servant he should:

                        Be aware of physical dynamics – seating arrangement, space and time

                        Build ‘community’ in the group – have a sharing time in the meeting

                        Be aware of non-verbal communication and mood

                        Be an active listener

                        Affirm and encourage each member – assign appropriate jobs

                        Find a way to include a “Worship Time”

                        Celebrate – acknowledge the work of the Spirit


The chairman should be a gifted administrator and strong leader able to run an orderly and timely meeting. He does not "steamroll" the members to achieve the agenda, but neither does he allow individual members to hijack the meeting and lead it down rabbit trails. The chairman should be sensitive to the fatigue level of the members and not drag the meetings beyond what is productive.


In the days leading up to the elders' and council meetings, the chairman should facilitate the process of drawing up the agenda. He should do this with the pastor, clerk and deacon chairman by group e-mails or a planning meeting. The content of meetings should comprise these four main headings: shepherding, prayer, discernment, and ministry management.


“A great leader is seen as a servant first – a group will freely respond only to an individual who is chosen as leader because they are proven and trusted as a servant.” (Servant Leadership, John Greenleaf)

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