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Hi :) I'm a person who has no experience with libraries other than being an avid user. I have volunteered to run our church library which is currently a hardly used resource. We have only Christian books including Non Fiction and a handful of Christian novels. The contents are only partially digitized so I'm really starting from scratch.

I've read many of the articles here on this site and would love any suggestions from members as to things to do, books for me to read to learn what to do, and things I could do to reach the members of our church. I am a 'one man band' at this stage and do have adult sons who can be muscles for me in moving the bookcases etc that need to be moved. We have DVDs and music for all ages and our books are aimed at youth and above. The kids books we did have have been moved to the kids area of the church where they are being used more than they ever have been while they were in the library.

Our church runs numerous groups aimed at kids so they are in the perfect spot for our needs. Thank you for reading my request and I look forward to reading further articles etc in the future.




Hi Cherie - I was just perusing the site and noticed your post from two years ago has gone unanswered.  How are things going now? Did you get that library up and running? Do you still have questions?


Hi Cherie, I also wonder how things are going. My church does not have a library either, but I have been dreaming about starting one and simply promoting reading and learning in the congregation.  

If your looking for resources, this book is on the academic side of things but the essays are excellent if you are interested:

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