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Do Justice, the joint blog of the Centre for Public Dialogue and the Office of Social Justice, has been around for a year and a half! You can see the most popular articles of the year here:

As a teaser, here are the top three: 

1. The Boko Haram Kidnappings' CRC Connection (Ron Geerlings and Peter Vandermeulen)

"So this is personal — not just to us but to the CRCNA. I remember this area, its farmers, and church leaders. We have been at schools just like the burned-out shell you see on the news."

2. What should I do when someone on the street asks me for money? (Jane Halton)

"I’ve been told by people who ask for money not to give it out because it gets used for the wrong reasons. Why do I do now when asked? What should I do when I know you can eat for free more than five times a day in my neighborhood? What should I do when I have money in my pocket and don’t want to lie but don’t want to give cash?"

3. Ferguson: A New Low? (Dominique D Gilliard)

"However, let me make one more clarifying point here: to say that black lives matter, is not to say that other lives do not. Actually, it is the inverse. To say that black lives matter within a nation that has, over the course of its history, deemed black life as criminal and subhuman — even going as far as legally constituting black people as property instead of humans — is to say that the lives of what has been rendered 'the least of these,' matter."

This Advent and Christmas, may you see hints of the coming Kingdom, where justice will roll down like a river, in the weak disguise of a newborn baby. 

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