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by Joel Vander Molen, member of Second CRC, Pella, Iowa

In 1985, I received a spinal cord injury. Now I can control my body only from the neck up. At the time of the injury, computers were mainly used in large offices. Few homes had them, and they were not linked together outside of an organization. Technology has greatly changed since that time, especially in what is now common, the Internet.

As I went through junior high and high school, it became increasingly common to do research on the Internet, or “the web” as it is commonly called. When I started college in 2000, it was part of required research and a field I was able to study and work in.

God’s plan for my career was revealed early in college when I started working on my church’s web site. By working on this and other sites, I was given a valuable learning experience, more than I realized at the time.

After graduation, I had interviews with several companies, but this was not God’s plan for me, and I did not find permanent employment. Since I had been working with a few web sites already, I began working on my own. With my mother as the owner, VMT, short for Vander Molen Technology, was started in early 2004. Through it, God has allowed me to work with churches, businesses, Christian schools, and other ventures that have, or want to have, an online presence. The Internet has also allowed communication that would not be possible otherwise.

Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work with a friend, who has the same abilities as me, to read through the Bible online. He had not done so before, but through the Internet we could both read the same passages and discuss different questions he had.

Through God’s guidance and direction, the Internet has provided a way for me to do work, and work with others in ways never before imagined. As technology continues to advance, only God knows what opportunities lay ahead. It was once said that the sky is the limit, but in some ways for me, the web’s the limit.

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