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Children’s message based on Genesis 1:26-28

By Mark Stephenson, Director of Disability Concerns

Objects: 1) a hand mirror, 2) paper on which is written the words “The image of God”, 3) tape

Keep the paper and tape concealed. Begin your message by holding up the mirror. Say, “Boys and girls, this mirror reflects an image of whatever is in front of it. If I hold it in front of my face, I see an image of my own face. If I hold it in front of your face, you will see an image of your own face—see?” (Put mirror in front of each child briefly.)

Then, while looking at your own reflection, say, “This mirror reflects something else too. It reflects the image of God! Isn’t that amazing?! In fact, I’m looking at the image of God right now. Would you like to see the image of God in this mirror?” (Again, put mirror in front of each child briefly.)

Ask, “Did you see the image of God when you looked in the mirror?” (Wait for responses.)

While gazing in mirror say, “No? Well I do right now.”

Show mirror to one child and ask, “What do you see?”

(Child answers, “Me!”)

“You see yourself?”

(Child answers, “Yes.”)

“Then you are looking at the image of God, because the Bible says that you and every one of us here is the image of God. Here, take one more look in the mirror and see the image of God.”

(Show mirror to each child one more time.)

Say, “Isn’t that amazing? Whenever you look in a mirror, you see the image of God, because you are the image of God. To help you remember that, take a piece of paper and write the words ‘The image of God’ on it, like this (show paper). Tape it to your bathroom mirror at home (Tape paper to bottom of the mirror, and hold up so that children can see).  That way, every time you look in the mirror, you will remember that you are seeing the image of God.”

(As children return to their seats, gaze into the mirror and admire the image of God you see there.)

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