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Sarah Joy Walker is 17 years old and a grade eleven student at Edmonton Christian High School. Sarah Joy is working hard to get her high school diploma. She comes from a family of five people and two adorable cats. Sarah loves nature. As a kid, Sarah enjoyed ballet, Irish dance, karate and soccer. Singing is one of her main passions.  Sarah sang with the Joyful Noise Choir for a long time and now sings with her high school choir. Sarah just did her first piano recital. 

A couple of fun facts – Sarah Joy particularly loves watching shows about mermaids, and she dreams about being a marine biologist. Last summer Sarah Joy had fun visiting her cousins in the Boston area for the first time. Sarah Joy delivered this speech at the Alberta March for Life on May 9 in Edmonton.

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Good afternoon everyone!

I am happy to be here to talk with you about my topic “Life, Life, and More Life.” For the people in the back can you hear me? If you can hear me, please wave.

I have called this speech “Life, Life, and More Life” because I want to move towards hope and light. I want to invite other parents to say “You know what, I want to let this baby live!”

This speech developed from a grade nine science project on biological diversity. I chose the topic: Down Syndrome: An Endangered Population. At present 70 to 85% of unborn babies living with Down Syndrome in Canada are not given the chance to live.  

Here is my story.

Day One: I was almost born. Actually, I was five months old and in my mother’s tummy. My mother had a test done and when the results came in, a nurse called the house and asked my parents, “So, when will you terminate this pregnancy?” My mom and dad were shocked. Then they said firmly, “We definitely plan to keep this baby. We will welcome this baby no matter what!” So, the decision was made and I lived! I was really cute!! My point is babies are God’s most precious creation! We need to protect them because they are the light and hope of the future.  

This world needs a path: a path of HOPE for people who are living with physical, mental, and emotional challenges. No matter how big the problem—there is always another way—the way of HOPE.  This path will help us to learn, grow, and live well in this world.  HOPE is what I would like to see in everyone’s heart.  

Every baby on the planet is unique and contributes to our biological diversity. Every baby is God’s gift to the world. I am telling you this because if I had been terminated my family and friends would have missed many things.  

They would have missed the encouragements I give in words and in hugs.  

My mom would have missed me telling her daily “God is with you. You are with God.”  

My sister would have missed me singing songs with her at home and in choir. 

My grandparents would have missed my smiles and hugs.

My youth leader and friendship groups would have missed me leading the songs and saying the prayers in church. 

My classmates and teachers would have missed opportunities to grow in leadership and kindness. 

I love my wonderful and beautiful life and my family is so glad that I exist. Living with Down Syndrome is a good life like any other life. I challenge people’s hearts to grow.  

My mission right now is to help parents have the courage to say “No” to the nurse when they are asked the same question as my parents were. No one needs to be afraid of Down Syndrome. When you welcome us into your world you gain an opportunity to learn patience and determination. Yes there are frustrations, but your family will get to experience unconditional love and acceptance. And all will go well. 

I invite you to be an advocate for all of us!

Stand with people not yet born.

Stand with people living with difficulties.

Stand with people facing tragedy. 

“I - Am - For - You!” This is God’s promise for you!
And I love encouraging you in your future!

If you are facing a choice between life and death, CHOOSE LIFE!! PRACTICE HOPE!!! TRUST!!! 
There is another path!!! God is still the good Father. He will give you hope for Life, Life, and More Life.

Thank you!


YES and amen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. Nice to meet you through this blog, Sarah Joy! You truly are a joy.

PS I also love marine biology though science was never my strong suit. Keep your dreams alive! 

Thank you, Sarah Joy, for speaking the truth with power, boldness, and clarity. May God continue to hold you up and guide your path!

Thank you, Sarah Joy, for your beautiful testimony!  You are indeed a blessing and a Joy!  How wonderful that God would use you to speak such powerful words.  May God continue to bless you as you also continue to bless those around you. 

What a wonderful opportunity to speak for a pro-life rally! Thanks for sharing your story, Sarah. Every life is a precious gift to be received with joy, just as your parents did.  HOPE is powerful!

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