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 These are only a few resources among a vast array that can help us grow in our knowledge, empathy, and advocacy.


ALL of these resources appear to be from the USA.  I thought CRCNA would at least make some attempt to provide some Canadian resources - and yes, we have lots!!!!  Sorry, but I am not impressed.  Please consider your own institutional responsibilities.  When you offer anti-racism resources, you need to offer resources that speak to systemic issues in each of the countries from which you receive support.  

Frankly, reading articles like this one just reminds me of the systemic discrimination and ignor-ance that apparently exists within CRCNA ... and why I feel like an outsider when I read CRCNA materials.  Canadian churches contribute to CRCNA financially, yet we don't often see ourselves reflected in this supposedly North American organization.  There are TWO countries in North America!  

Please be more sensitive to this situation.  Take a look at this article and ask yourselves - who is the target audience?

Thank you,  

Pat V (yes - I'm from Canada!)


Thank you for taking the time to look at our recent posting. I hear your concern.

Please note that these resources posted were to help equip our chaplains in their own growth and development in the midst of the recent shootings of unarmed black men and women, Black Lives Matter protests, and deep grief.  This list is in NO WAY exhaustive or complete, but it served as served as a jumping off point for learning. We created this brief article to link to our newsletter. I invite you checkout our newsletter and read about the wonderful things our Canadian chaplains are doing! Also check out our recently created a video of an Ontario chaplain providing ministry in a long term care home.

In the original post, there are a number of diverse resources that embedded as links within the articles. The Belhar Confession is a wonderful Global resource about justice that was developed in South Africa by a number of Christian denominations. Within the posted Statement About The Deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, there are a number of wonderful Canadian specific resources included.

Taking your concern seriously, I have added additional specific Canadian Resources to this list. Our ministry is passionate and dedicated to serving our chaplains serving in Canada, the US, and around the world. If you would like to speak further please contact our ministry by email [email protected] to learn more about the exciting work Canadian chaplains are doing and how we're supporting them. If you would also want to connect with our Canadian Advisory Council members or our endorsed chaplains (who provide essential feedback and resources for our ministry), I would be happy to connect you to them for them to share more about our ministry. 

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