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Hi All,

Our church has our members divided into 6 districts with an Elder and a Deacon for each one. This way, if someone has a Council or Pastoral need, they can reach out to their District Elder and/or Deacon.  

Does your church have districts? If not, is there another way you group your members? This topic may be something our church discusses in the coming year, so any input would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!


I am an church elder in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa PCEA. Yes we have districts. Several districts form a congregation.

District's normally have one Elder and one or two deacons. Elders are ordained only when there is a district without one.

Elders assist the minister of word and sacrament to reach the believers at family level(districts)

Several districts form a congregation and several congregations form a parish.

An elder can serve in any district in a parish but not outside the parish.

Deacons normally serve only in their home districts.

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