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All of the CRC has been invited to "gather at the river" this coming August 3-5 for shared learning, inspiration, swapping stories and more. The event is called Inspire 2017, and it is taking place in Detroit, Michigan. 

You are probably wondering how this event might inspire your local congregation or Classis. Here are a few ideas to get people talking about your mission and how this event might support the local church:

  • Top Picks: Have pastors, staff, and key volunteers create a “Top Picks” list of Inspire 2017 breakouts. Create a fun poster comparing "Top Picks."  It will be interesting for others to see how the breakout choices of an elder might compare to those of a children's ministry leader. What conversations might be started around the "Top Picks" poster? You could also share the "Top Picks" in the bulletin, newsletter, email or on your website. 
  • Council Conversation: Print out and share the Inspire 2017 Breakout List. Ask the council members to read over the breakout list and highlight 4-5 breakouts that address current learning needs of their congregation. Ask people to form groups of 3-4. In the groups, compare and contrast what needs were identified. Ask each group to report back 1-3 breakouts that reflected common learning needs of the church. After the list of learning needs is compiled, begin to name people who could attend Inspire 2017 on behalf of your congregation. Close in prayer, asking God to give you spiritual gifts to address the identified needs.
  • Classis Conversation: Use the same process as the Council Conversation in a spring Classis meeting or retreat. 
  • Create a Track: Create sets of breakouts that you think might best support various leadership roles - e.g. elders, deacons, outreach teams, etc. Share your personalized lists with leaders and your congregation. 

What ideas do you have to get people talking about Inspire 2017?

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