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Leadership and ADHD can be a challenge. And when the leader is a pastor, several issues surface. One is the inability for the pastor to stay organized. From not remembering to go to meetings — to losing papers — to not finishing his sermon until the night before — to being consistently late, ADHD pastors struggle with staying on top of things.

What can be difficult for the ADHD pastor is the way they manage time. They can find themselves engrossed with small, minute details that have little relevance to the greater picture. An example would be for a pastor to become so involved in understanding how eagles fly (Is. 40:31) that he forgets to spend enough time on the sermon to tell how we need to be one. Other issues for ADHD pastors include being easily distracted, inability to focus, talking excessively, mood shifts, and forgetting things.

For a council who works with an ADHD pastor, accountability is important. Remind him that he needs to be organized, how crucial it is to be focused, and to require him give an occasional account of how he has used his time throughout the week. If his sermons seem to be below average or seem to lack direction, assign a small group of elders to supervise his preaching efforts. As allowed by law, encourage your pastor to consider treatment, such as medication or/and therapy.

Persons with ADHD are typically very intelligent. It just may not always seem like it. Helping them manage their ADHD and using accountability are ways you, his church leaders, can help your ADHD pastor be more successful at what he does.

Judy De Wit

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