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Who said denominations are slow?

Well, OK, maybe I've said that once or twice too. But not this time! Just a couple of days after it was announced, we've implemented Facebook's new "Like" button on the Network site. It feels good to be johnny-on-the-spot sometimes!

The "like" button is a great fit for The Network because:

  • at least 30% of the Network community already logs in using their Facebook account
  • The Network is new and "liking" something is a super-easy way to help spread the word

Want to try it out?

Well, a great place to start is by checking out our new Top 10 lists. We added those on Wednesday as a handy way to see the most viewed, most commented, highest rated, and most recent content posted by our Guides. It's updated in real-time, so as you view, comment, or rate articles you be influencing what appears in those lists!

Finally...please know that "liking" something is a public statement inviting others to check it out (which is precisely how it helps spread the word!). If you want to know more about how the Like button works and how you can manage your privacy preferences, check this Facebook page.

Many of our enhancements come from user suggestions, so please keep the feedback coming! In a very real way, YOU are helping to build The Network!


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