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When cruising the various sections of The Network, you may have noticed a little 'join' link with people's photos above it. Or, more likely, you haven't (it's easily overlooked - but see the screenshot above).

When you hit 'join' two things happen:

  1. You become a member of that section. No, you won't get a membership card, discounts, or bumper sticker (and you also won't pay any membership dues!). Becoming a member of a section is just a public way of saying "I care about this topic". And it's a great way to get to know others who also care about the topic. Just hit the 'All Members' link to get to know the other members of that section.
  2. You are subscribed to that section - meaning, you'll get email notification when someone posts something new in that section. Email notifications are a great way to keep up on new blogs and resources posted by guides and community members, without having to check the website for anything new.

You can also subscribe to a topic without becoming a member of it. To do that, use the 'subscribe' link on the left side of the section header. But that's the 'I'm shy' option and doesn't build community as much.

So take a moment now to login in (if you're not already) and join some sections! Not only will you get notified of new content, you'll help build a community of people around the ministry topics you care about.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.

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