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We've introduced new comment guidelines for The Network. Actually, we're calling it a 'discussion policy' since it applies to forum topics as well.

The best thing about our comment guidelines is how seldom we’ve had to enforce them. Over the first two years of The Network, I'm guessing we averaged only one or two comments per month that are flagged and removed. That's quite impressive given the many thousands of comments that have been posted.

Of course, that's because of you! Members of The Network community tend to be a helpful bunch who come here to equip and encourage each other for ministry, not to pick a fight.

These guidelines reflect learning from the past two years, plus ideas from similar policies across the web. Before launching it, we ran it by some of you to make sure we were on the right track. Thanks to those who gave very helpful input.

As you know, we also rely on our user community to flag comments that are inappropriate. With so many comments across the site, we can't read each and every one of them. When you flag a comment, it is instantly removed and put into our review queue. Before flagging any comments, please test it against our discussion guidelines.

If you have any comments about our guidelines, you are free to post them here. In accordance with the guidelines, of course!

Let's Discuss

We love your comments! Thank you for helping us uphold the Community Guidelines to make this an encouraging and respectful community for everyone.

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