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My attention has been drawn by some friends to the books of Joel Rosenberg, a prolific writer of apocalyptic books from a dispensational premillennial viewpoint. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. These friends are all members of the Christian Reformed Church and I have high esteem for them. Still I wonder why they would be interested in this kind of perspective? I worry a little about the possible results of such thinking. I'm thinking of a carte blanche attitude toward the state of Israel no matter what the justice issues might be, or the seeming denial of progressive revelation from Genesis to Revelation with its emphasis on the revival of national Israel, the speculation as to what might take place during this literal 1000 years and the diminishment of the role of the church in the plan of God and the exaltation of the nation of Israel in the plan of God. I'm sure there are more consequences of a negative nature.

I'm not sure how far I wish to go into this since I have not visited this type of eschatology for a long time. I have dipped my toes into these waters by reviewing Anthony Hoekema's book, The Bible and the Future, Hal Lindsay's The Road to Holocaust, and some articles by John Wolvoord. But if I go much farther I will need to get far more serious about this. Any suggestions on whom to consult? 

I would like to hear from you. Do you think this is a problem for the CRC in general or just a passing fad with my friends?

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