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This article was originally published on the Abide Project website on Nov. 21, 2022.

In the summer of 2020, I had the providential pleasure of coming across "Reformed Podmatics," a then-brand-new podcast that I have been blessed to listen to nearly every week since. 

I spend a great deal of time throughout the week peering through a windshield, and I like to use that time to listen to various podcasts with content that will help enrich my faith. Over the last couple years, I have gained a renewed appreciation for the rich tradition of Reformed theology as a pathway to grow deeper in my Christian faith. So "Reformed Podmatics" has been a wonderful addition to my list.

This edifying podcast is hosted by the two pastors from Almond Valley CRC in Ripon, California: Lead Pastor Mark Van Dyke and Associate/Youth Pastor Zac Dewey. They begin every episode by stating their clear and intentional purpose:

“This podcast exists to promote the vibrant, Biblical, and historically-informed face of Reformed theology, both in our context and beyond.”

I am thankful to say that they do an excellent job of just that.

Every week, these fine gentlemen address a new topic from the more practical to the more theological. Now over 100 episodes-and-counting, they have had episodes on their best-loved Bible passages, baptism, worship, repentance, favourite theologians, identity, Church and state, and many more.

Often, the weekly content is an issue that—while worthy of serious consideration and discussion—is not necessarily best-suited to be covered during a Sunday sermon. I have greatly benefited from hearing these two pastors wrestle with these conversations from a solidly Christian worldview. They make the subject matter easy to digest and understand while showing its importance and how/why it is applicable to us as Christians (or at least should be).

While listening, I've often felt as though I'm included as part of the conversation. The tone of each discussion is respectful, thoughtful, and inviting. The hosts do not claim to be experts on every topic, but it is clear that they have done their homework and are open to discussion. 

These episodes have helped me to see the importance of aiming to be Biblically-minded Christians and have also helped me in my understanding of the value of Reformed theology.

I have been continually struck by the humility and grace with which the hosts address each topic and how they have powerfully reminded me, even recently, that knowing about God (i.e. studying theology) is important, but it cannot take priority over knowing God Himself (i.e. having His Spirit dwell and abide in you).

Pastors Mark and Zac’s voices and their tackling of some very relevant topics has been refreshing and inspiring to hear, and I would greatly encourage those in the Christian Reformed Church to give this podcast a listen. You can find their podcast on the major podcast platforms, at, or on Facebook.

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