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You are Invited! Praying for the CRC for 40 days before Synod 2022

You are invited. Yes, you. But not just you. The person who sits next to you and across from you and behind you in worship—they’re invited too. And while we are at it, anyone connected with the Christian Reformed Church in North America is invited—and the prayers of our siblings who gather elsewhere are welcome as well. Together, all of us are invited to embark on forty days of prayer leading into Synod 2022.  


This forty-day prayer initiative begins Sunday, May 1, and continues through Thursday, June 9. These dates were chosen to lead us up to the start of Synod 2022 - the annual gathering of the Christian Reformed Church. 

If you miss the May 1 start date, don’t worry. You are free to join anytime! So you can never be too late to join in this prayer initiative. 

What are we praying about?   

In the simplest form, we are praying that God will lead us and that we will follow God’s leading. Throughout this initiative, we will ask God to move among us. We will confess ways that we are resistant to God’s leading. We will take time to listen deeply and to consider how we can lean into the life of Jesus Christ together. This season of prayer invites us to lean into a listening posture, in which we are attentive to the Holy Spirit.  

As a way of shaping our listening, our prayers for each week in this initiative will be guided by the following themes: 

Seeking God Together (May 1 - 7) 

We Want to See Jesus (May 8 - 14) 

Desiring that the World Might Know Jesus (May 15 - 21) 

Resting in Jesus and the Spirit, Who Are Interceding for Us (May 22 - 28) 

Longing for the Fruit of the Spirit in Us (May 29 - June 4) 

May Your Kingdom Come and Your Will Be Done (June 5 - 9) 

What’s prompting this particular season of prayer? 

Recognizing the significance of several discussions at this year’s synod, these forty days invite us to seek God together as Jesus Christ’s siblings in anticipation of Synod 2022. In May 2021, the Council of Delegates called for a year of prayer within the Christian Reformed Church. This emphasis fits with a larger denominational priority on cultivating practices of prayer and spiritual disciplines. Over the past year, a variety of prayer opportunities have taken place, including monthly virtual prayer gatherings and the yearlong Together Seeking God’s Face initiative. This forty days of prayer initiative fits within this framework and has been particularly designed with Synod 2022 in mind. 

How are We Praying Together? 

Prayer prompts will be emailed each day for forty days. Each email will include a suggested Bible reading, a prayer written by a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, and a couple questions to encourage further reflection or conversation. On a few occasions, we will read the same Bible passage a couple times in the same week. 

The rich diversity of prayer in our denomination will be evident, as some prayers read like Psalms, others like conversations, and others follow formats that could fit in a formal book of prayer. A few prayers are quite short. Some are a bit longer. Some contain a preface or reflection that leads into the prayer. Others invite us to enter into silent prayer. Together, these prayers help us to raise our voices before God in an intentional way for forty days as delegates prepare to gather for Synod 2022. 

You can read these email prompts in your personal devotion times, at a meal with others in your home, in small groups, or even in connection with worship settings. The “together” aspect of this initiative is that people across the CRC—in Canada, the U.S., and around the world—will be engaging with the same Bible passage, the same prayer, and the same reflection questions on a daily basis for forty days. Though we are physically apart from each other, we will be uniting in prayer as together we seek God’s face.  

So How Do I Sign Up? 

You can sign up for this prayer initiative using this form. Just enter your email address, check the box for the “Together Seeking God’s Face - 40 days of prayer” option, and click “Subscribe”. You should receive a confirmation email once you have subscribed.  

Are there more ways to pray with others in the CRC? 

Yes! There are multiple opportunities to pray with others across the CRC. You can find more details at and at

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