Worship Ministries at Inspire 2019


Worship Ministries encourages you to attend Inspire 2019 in Windsor, ON, August 1-3, 2019.

Inspire 2019 is an event designed specifically for ministry volunteers and leaders from Christian Reformed and Reformed churches across North America. Worship planners and leaders will find a lot that will be of use to them.

Over three days, we will gather to worship God, build relationships across Christ’s community, and gain tools for offering ministry in our home communities. If you love to sing, you can also sign up to sing in the Conference Choir.

Worship Ministries is pleased that there will be many workshops dealing with prayer and worship. We will also be available at the Worship Ministries table in the Ministry Fair—come and see us! We’d love to chat with you, hear your stories, and share worship experiences.

The following workshops focusing on worship and prayer have been planned by the Inspire 2019 planning team.

  • Being a Worship Leader - Being a worship leader is no small task. Finding words for segues, choosing scripture, and writing prayers that will engage your congregations is important work. In this workshop, Ruth Ann Schuringa, Endorsed Coach with Worship Ministries, will lead a conversation about the task of being a worship leader. Come to learn some tips and tools from others, and share your “best practices” too.
  • Learning to Pray Together - Why is corporate prayer essential for the health and growth of the church. What are the principles, challenges and benefits of corporate prayer? This worship, led by Douglas Kamstra, will provide a biblical foundation and practical ideas for praying together in unity and in agreement -- in meetings, small groups, and prayer gatherings.
  • How Your Personality Impacts How You Pray - Add variety to your prayer life. This workshop, led by Martin Boardman, will investigate many prayer methods and styles, from meditation, to prayer walking, to praying with colour and art, journaling and more.
  • Preaching to Millennials and Gen Z - Mary Hulst has been preaching to young adults at Calvin College for ten years. In this workshop, she’ll share some of the things she’s learned—and continues to learn—about preaching to the next generation.
  • As it is in Heaven - Worship is something that both forms and expresses the faith-experience of a community. During this session, Jeremy Simpson will help us explore the power of multicultural worship and look at ways it transforms, heals, restores, renews, and affirms. We will also share together, in both prayer and song, recognizing the power that worship has to connect our hearts to God and each other.
  • Learning to Love to Pray - Knowing God and communing with him is life’s greatest privilege. Prayer--two-way communication with God--is the way that we step into this great privilege. God intended prayer to be a delight: something we love to do, something that will cause our “love life” with him to grow richer and stronger. This workshop, led by Alvin VanderGriend, is for persons who want prayer to be less and less something that we have to do, and more and more something that we love to do.
  • Praying in the Kingdom - What obstacles to the gospel exist in your local context? This workshop with Martin Boardman will explore the hurdles you may face, how they are formed, and how we can demolish them so that churches can thrive in ministry.
  • Why Worship? - Why do we spend so much time, staff resources, and money on worship every week? This workshop with Chris Schoon explores the relationship between worship and mission, identifying some practical ways in which God forms us through worship to live more fully and faithfully as the "Good News" people of God.
  • Designing a Creative Worship Series - How do you get ideas for a worship series for your congregation? Once you have the ideas, how can you develop a series in such a way that the worship services are more than just a set of connected messages? Joan DeVries will help you learn how to put together a team to effectively engage in this creative process. This workshop is suited for a people with a range of interests in worship planning, including artists, liturgists, pastors, musicians, and technicians.
  • Listening Prayer - Hearing from God makes prayer a two way relational conversation rather than a monologue. In this workshop, Mary Sterenberg will help people to see how the Lord is speaking to them through God's still small voice, pictures, Scripture, visions and more.

Register today. Looking forward to seeing you in Windsor!

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