A New Way to Worship: FB Live Midweek Service


Ruth Ann Schuringa, Worship Director from Immanuel CRC in Brampton, ON, shares ideas for leading a meaningful mid-week worship time on Facebook Live. Ruth Ann is also an Endorsed Worship Coach for the CRC.

During this global pandemic, church leaders are being challenged in many ways. We are learning new ways of being church, of connecting, and of worshiping. So I decided to try something new (for me): a mid-week service on Facebook Live.  

I prepared a liturgy of songs, scriptures and prayers. I practiced recording myself (because I’m vain and want to make sure I don’t sound too horrible). I sent out a recorded video to my church the day before to invite them to the Wednesday morning service, and then I set myself up with my iPhone at my piano. God poured out blessing on our virtual gathering! 

I was overwhelmed by folks’ gratitude and encouragement. I led 30 minutes of worship from my home which supported my congregation, through an interactive on-line tool, and it reminded us that God is still God, and we are still community. The beautiful thing about FB Live is that you can connect through shared comments. I encouraged participation in the prayers of gratitude (first) and then later in laying down our personal and global fears; and people responded fully and actively. I could read their comments out-loud, acknowledge their fears, and then bring it all to God in prayer, in a seamless way.   

Despite my out-of-tune piano, and the occasional barking of my dog, this was a fantastic opportunity to worship God together, while still practicing social distancing. I would encourage you to try new ways to worship and connect with your congregations: ways that don’t have to be complicated. This simple tool of Facebook Live gave my congregation and myself a way to connect, a chance for them to see me in a familiar role as their worship leader, and a way for us to share prayers and hope and encouragement.  

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Hello:)this is awesome ♡ 

I was wondering how was the sound just using your phone ? Also how did you deal with liscensing issues (song rights) on Facebook? 


Thanks for your questions!  The sound is of course not as "perfect" as I would like, but it's actually not bad.  I've had to let go of my need for perfect, realizing that the more important thing is to gather "together" and share and pray together.  My iphone had better sound than my computer.  I made some test videos of myself at the piano, singing, just to check, and it was very do-able.  
We have a livestreaming addition to our CCLI license for our church, so I believe that covers the songs that I'm singing/leading.  It's on our church's FB page.  

I hope this helps you. Blessings, Ruth Ann