Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow: Church Services in Any Weather


If you have any doubts that technology is helping people and communities in ways that haven't been done before, check out this story. A preacher cancelled the Sunday worship service because of inclement weather. However this didn't stop him from having a service since he streamed the service from his house onto the church's website via Ustream. With some quick thinking and changing their website around they had everything working. He even had his family's Christmas tree in back of him while he preached!

The service turned out to be a great success with over 280 attendees! So much so, that now the church is considering how they can incorporate social media at their church

Several churches in the forum here have discussed how they use Skype in their services. If your church has a missionary far away, they could add a lot of depth to their update by using Skype or posting a video that could be played during a service.

I'm sure several of your churches have incorporated this somehow into your service. If you have, let us know in the comments!

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I've been thinking about something like this for awhile now and brainstorming all the possible ways to use it.  I just wasn't sure about what platform to use.  I checked out UStream and was pretty pumped at what I found. 

You got my brain going now.  I can see using this in the future at our church just to reach into our community and wherever else.

Thanks for the connection.


Allen - In addition to, check out (which is what we've used for the last couple of Synods). They recently launched the ability to integrate a live broadcast into your church's Facebook Page...something I'd like to try for this year's Synod. Tim