Church Governance Structure: Is there a better way within our polity to make a Consistory and Council more effective?


Have you at all become frustrated with the traditional model of church governance and are wondering if there is a better way within our polity to make a Consistory and Council more effective? With many churches going to a staff driven model, others hanging on to the past model of elder driven care and decision-making and plenty of combinations in between it is becoming harder and harder to decide what is most effective.

We are in the midst of  thinking about what will work best for our church - a church of about 1000 and healthy in  many ways but desirous of releasing people into ministry and streamlining the process to go from ideas to implementation we are considering a governance change to something that works.A few years ago we already dividied into Deacons, Pastoral Elders and Executive elders. This worked for a time but we need to go a step further.  I thought I would poll  The Network along with some of our other investigation work and see what comes to the service.

Have at it!


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Hi Darren, I am assuming your praying for wisdom and clarity. I think your providing to little information for me to be able to comment. God bless you and your church    Ken

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What more info would you need? I'll be happy to give it to you as such a wise man, Ken. Good to hear from you. I hope things are well post BCRC. Blessings,



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If you check out Church Finance and Administration Resources, you will find "Sample Church #2 Council Responsibilities" under Church Organization and Administration/Administration.  This is from a church similar in size.  Also, I know of another church about that size who is redoing two of  their staffing positions to have 1) one position work with deacons and equipping them and the church for diaconal work and 2) the other position work with elders and other members in equipping them for providing care in the congregation.  If you want more information on those positions, post a comment. The goal with these positions is to equip the members to serve.  This church is interested in developing the gifts of its members and not just "hiring" staff to do the ministry.

Life is full of irony, the Ken you speak of once stood up after the speaker( a street person) gave their testimony at a thankyou dinner at our church. The funny thing was I was the one she was thanking because of my envolvment with her. Ken barely knew her. I'm part of the reason Ken went to bcrc from Sonlight. Do you still want my advice?

Thanks  Ken