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Hi everyone,

We had a website a while ago, but that has deceased at some point and now we're working with a local fellow in making a new church website. We seem to have a decent handle on what we all want on there, but I was just curious about what have you heard people say was effective and helpful about your own church's website?

Thanks, Andrew

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Understanding who your intended audience is to be will help determine what your web site should contain.  Our focus has been to provide information to both the congregation and community.  Based on our visitation statistics, and comments from members and visitors, our most frequently viewed pages besides the home page has been the weekly bulletin page, followed by "who to contact," then our church activites page.  These pages give visitors some idea of what the church is doing, and what is important to the congregation.

Our site is in the midst of a recontruction itself, so we will be making adjustments to content as well.  A web page does need to be dynamic, so you should be able to review site activies and be able to make adjustments to better serve you congregation and community.