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In case you hadn't noticed The Network has a slightly different look. We changed the look and navigation at the top of the site plus we made a few font changes. Do you like it? Leave us some feedback.


I think it looks better. I like the links on the opening page. I am not sure I could tell exactly what has changed, but it is more attractive.

Yes, it is much more user friendly.

And while I am at it, I had a meeting at the national office of The Anglican Church of Canada (episcopalians). Their communications office has become quite taken with the CRC's Network. They're impressed and they want to tweak it and make it suitable for Anglican use. They acknowledge that their version will "never be as popular as The Network" because, well, they're Anglicans and folks aren't as engaged in theological minutia and related issues.

Nevertheless, hats off to you, Jonathan, and the other communication types at the denominational office for creating an interactive, user-friendly connection between the denomination's 'structure' and those in the local congregations who are engaged in the REAL ministry of the church.

Nice to hear. Thanks, Keith.

We've actually had a similar inquiry from another denomination. Since the platform we're using is open-source, it could be possible to share the codebase as well as the ongoing development costs of adding new features, etc. Not trivial to do and it would require a serious commitment, but it sure beats all of us building similar tools from scratch. Have them contact me via PM if interested.

Hi Tim, I really struggle with capca and the new login pass word requirements. It hinders to point off not posting when frustrated. Why do we need the protection? Who wants to hack a site where we talk about God when we can join in any name. It makes no since. Thank You

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