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At Arcadia Community Church (ACC), the primary responsibility of the Audio-Visual Technician (hereinafter referred to as the A/V Technician) is to provide technical expertise and team leadership for the church’s sound, media, video, and stage lighting. The A/V Technician is also responsible for audio/video technical and creative development, production, and training related to the live/post-production audio/visual needs of ACC.

Audio-Visual Technician Job Description

Job Type: Limited

The primary responsibility of the Audio-Visual Technician (hereinafter referred to as the A/V Technician) is to provide technical expertise and team leadership for the church’s sound, media, video, and stage lighting. The A/V Technician is also responsible for audio/video technical and creative development, production, and training related to the live/post-production audio/visual needs of ACC.

The A/V Technician ensures that the worship and A/V ministries continue to grow in effectiveness and quality of excellence in alignment with the church’s vision, mission, and strategic objectives. The A/V Technician will be focused on the production of and the technical oversight of the weekly live-streamed services.

Strengths & Skill Set:

  • A growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Possesses a servant’s heart and a strong passion to support the ministry of ACC.
  • Skilled in creating and mixing quality sound in sanctuary venue
  • Comfortable and proficient in working with a variety of audio, video, media, and lighting equipment, including but not limited to; Yamaha M7CL Audio Board, Hog Lighting (programming and controlling), a general understanding of Frequency coordination for Wireless microphones, in-ear systems, wedge monitors, and wireless instrument feeds.
  • The A/V Technician should also be proficient in Proclaim, Windows OS, OBS, computer networks and a working knowledge of various software platforms for audio production/editing.
  • Strong communication and leadership skills. Holds a ‘problem solver’ attitude.
  • Working knowledge of all levels of video production (pre-production, live production, post-production, camera operation, editing, sound design, color correction, etc.).
  • Knowledgeable and skilled in Live Switching of multi-camera sources, with up-stream keys and down-stream keys
  • Inasmuch as our primary focus is producing live events, the applicant must be able to work in a rapidly changing environment with multiple priorities.
  • High capacity individual who thrives in a “work hard, play hard” environment and is consistently striving to learn and grow.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide excellence in front-of-house operation for Sunday service, utilizing the Yamaha M7CL digital audio board, as well as providing up to 5 or more suitable in-ear or wedge mixes for live performers. Also, provide training and expertise to improve the mixing skills of current and future ACC volunteers. Provide personal operational and/or supervision of volunteers, for all worship services, ministry events, and special events of ACC, including but not limited to the Sunday morning services. Partner with the staff and/or A/V team to develop plans and strategies for on-going A/V related worship additions and/or improvements.
  • Set and strike stage equipment, including instruments, microphones and monitors for Sunday morning worship services.
    • Perform sound check and mix the sound according to the standards set by the Worship Leader/Director of Media.
  • Coordinate with Staff each week in order to create Proclaim for in-house support and announcements, as well as any other unique requirements to the next Service(s).
  • Establish standards of operation and quality for A/V ministries and oversee continuous improvement against those standards.
  • Keep current with new technology trends in equipment, hardware and computer software programs and plan for inclusion, if applicable to the current or future plans of ACC digital media opportunities.
  • Provide technical expertise and solutions relative to live audio, recorded audio, web audio, video recording, livestream of video production (Live Stream of Live or pre-recorded productions), lighting and stage production for the church facility.
  • Continually work on developing and improving personal skills for use in ministry so that the A/V ministry can grow. Participation in workshops, conferences, seminars, etc. is encouraged.
  • Assist the media team in the on-going development and effective use of social media for church communications.
  • Responsible for maintaining A/V budgets within approved annual guidelines as well as developing written strategic and expenditure proposals as needed throughout the year.
  • The Responsibilities would also include that A/V Technician to be closely involved with various third-party agents such as IT, Telecom, building contractors etc. relative to the development and operation of systems that interface with A/V systems and operations.
  • Film footage that captures the essence of major church event experiences. Other short creative videos will promote our church’s vision or projects or introduce our church to visitors via our Website, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage an A/V volunteer ministry which includes the development of volunteer job position descriptions and integration of aptitude assessments. (This includes, but is not limited to, Floor Monitors, Camera Operators, Slide Operators, Audio Engineers, Lighting Operators, etc.)

Working Relationships:

  • Responsible as team leader and coach for A/V ministry volunteer teams
  • Responsible to the Director of Media
  • Accountable to Senior Pastor

While the A/V Director is a limited position, the A/V Director must be available during certain (normal) weekday staff hours (to attend by phone or in person weekly staff meetings) plus flexibility for creative work that must be done outside of normal staff hours.

Personal Attributes:

  • Professing, growing, committed Christian of exemplary personal and family life.
  • Evangelical orientation in Theology and evangelical spirit; in full agreement with the doctrinal position of ACC; actively participating in the life and activities of ACC.
  • Belief in an environment of cooperative teamwork with other members of the ACC staff, Elders, Deacons, and lay ministry teams.

Helpful Previous Skills and Experience:

Working knowledge and hands-on experience for proper operation of various systems to include but not limited to:

  • Installation and operation for all church facility analog and digital audio systems
  • Maintenance, set up, and operation of portable audio systems for special events located outside of the church building
  • Light board and lighting system operation
  • Live audio patch panel and related systems of hard-wired and WiFi cable and signal routing
  • Operation of video recording, live broadcast of audio and/or audio and video, and other presentation related systems (i.e. OBS, Proclaim, PowerPoint, etc.).
  • In-house information system operation and software (Windows OS and Proclaim)
  • Assist church employees with solutions for general audio/sound issues on their computers.

Two- or four-year degree in audio-visual or related field; or two to five years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


This is a limited, hourly position around 13 hours a week (more or less) with at least 1 day(s) spent on the ACC campus to interact with the staff and ensure the integrity of the equipment for the next Sunday, prepare Proclaim (for in-house participation), assembling A/V team for the following week’s Services, as well as setting and striking stage equipment on Sunday.

Salary is established at $20.00/hour. Based on experience and expertise.

Please send resume to Erin Cruz, [email protected].


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