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Confession: I’m fairly ambivalent about refreshments after church. 

Sure, my kids like (LOVE?) them, but I’m not devastated if there aren’t treats. 

On the other hand, I have a friend who is quite passionate about church cookies. She's sampled many a cookie and declared her top pick. 

So without further ado, her winning pick is…the Sugar Wafer cookie (!!) 

It’s light, perfectly-sized, and just a little sweet. You can even find a Sugar Free option

Do you agree with her conclusion? Please weigh in on this very serious matter. 



I have never thought about this very serious subject. I tend to go for the homemade cookies or quick breads, whatever they might be. I am always grateful for the extra work and dedication the baker took, and their willingness to share with the body of Christ. :) <3

Homemade is definitely preferred. Back in the day, when store bought cookies were served, it meant the family forgot it was their turn to bring cookies until they were half way to church, or sometimes even reading it in the bulletin. My vote is for chocolate chip cookies. 

The classic Windmill cookies are always appropriate for a CRC church, but lately one of our members has been making homemade snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies. He bakes them just before the service so they are still warm when they are served... it's like a little taste of Heaven!

I loved these wafer cookies growing up (1980's)! And there were different flavors too! But there was always the ever-present Windmill cookie calling my name... Today, I'm glad for the donut holes and little Cinn-a-buns, but seeing a plate of these wafers really takes me back!

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