God's Love

Here's a quote that just knocked me out. I've been thinking a LOT about what it means to live a totally submitted life.

Simone Weil

The love of our neighbor is the love which comes down from God to man. It precedes that which rises from men to God. God is longing to come down to those in affliction. As soon as a soul is disposed to consent, though it were the last, the most miserable, the most deformed of souls, God will precipitate himself into it in order, through it, to look at and listen to the afflicted. Only as time passes does the soul become aware that God is there. But, though it finds no name for this, wherever the afflicted are loved for themselves alone, it is God who is present.

Source: Waiting for God

Those phrases: "...as soon as a soul is disposed to consent..." and "God will precipitate himself into it..." Powerful. Short-hand for becoming more like Jesus, and more like a deacon! Didn't Jesus say, "I am among you as one who serves"?

Does this quote speak to anyone else as sharply as it spoke to me?

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It's true, when you are completely broken to the point you need Jesus to be tangible and Holy Spirits wisdom.Your faith becomes child like in that every thing loses nuance and you live hour to hour. All of sudden your in complete peace( or Shalom) and bubbling with wisdom. You want to share joy but they have to understand the suffering that seems to be a constant companion or motivation. 

thanks,  Ken