Here Comes Trouble!


Words of Wisdom from a 4 Year Old.

I have a four year old friend who loves to repeat the same "surprise" with his Grandpa, time after time after time.   Suddenly he'll say, "Hey, Grampa, I have a good new idea!"   Grandpa says, "What is it"?    To which the 4 year old replies, "OK, I'll be Superman, and you be the bad guy and then I"ll ....."       Grandpa finally got sick of all these good new ideas.   When he heard those words, "Hey Grampa, I have a good new idea!", he'd say, "Uh-oh, here  comes trouble!"

Now fast forward.  The four year old is on a walk with his dad.... he's quiet and thoughtful.   Then he suddenly says, "Dad, will you call Grampa and tell him that not all good new ideas are trouble?"

Yes, good ideas are often trouble.   Timing is wrong, or they're not really that good, or they're great but no one can execute, or you have to exert energy heading them off without offending the source, and on and on.... 

I've got another friend who's a little older than four.  He's been a successful business man all his life.   He says about good new ideas, "they're a dime a dozen.   What makes an idea really good is if it's really good, AND the timing is right, AND there are resources available, AND someone is willing and able to implement it successfully."

But good new ideas are not always trouble.

What good idea have your deacons taken to successful implementation?  What trouble almost overwhelmed it?   How did you get past the trouble?  Or, did you learn something valuable from a failure?

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