Breaking Barriers - Summer 2020


The Summer 2020 issue of Breaking Barriers features Parents of loved ones living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder come to grips with the realities of this unexpected, difficult, lifelong disability that was unknown two generations ago. 

The Heartbreak of FASD Continues

Most articles in this issue tell of the hurt and pain families went through raising their children in the 1980s, when little was known about the disease.  In all cases, these families opened their hearts and their homes, adopting children they did not realize had FASD. 

When the System Fails a Child 

Tasked with raising her 2 grandchildren rather than have them put in the foster care system, a grandmother shares her heartbreaking journey of trying to support her eldest granddaughter who was diagnosed with an alcohol-related neurological disorder. 

Needing a Community of Support

While the individual living with FASD may have a challenging time sustaining relationships, the family that surrounds this person could benefit from community support. This article challenges us as the church to reach out. How can we support each other?

Surrounded by Support, but Completely Alone

While a family had the best of intentions welcoming an adopted child into their home, feeling that their years in social services would prepare them for the journey, the information on how to support a child with FASD has been lacking. Hopefully with more information and understanding of the diagnosis of FASD, stories like Anna's can be re-written.

FASD: Finding Hope Among Despair!

Enrico Di Giandomenico, Private Consultant-FASD, offers encouragement, reassurance, and give hope to caregivers and those who are supporting individuals with this disability with advice based on his many years working with families supporting a loved one with FASD.


Next Issues

Fall 2020—Travel. 

Winter 2021—Unexpected access. The coronavirus pandemic actually has removed barriers for some people with disabilities, allowing access to communities and spaces that were inaccessible before. If this has been your experience during our long stretch of isolation and distancing, please tell us your story (400 words) of unexpected access by October 30.

Awards and Past Issues 

This newsletter and the Disability Concerns blog  (, co-published by CRC and RCA  Disability Concerns ministries, received two awards from the  Associated Church Press this year: for the Best in Class  category, the Award of Merit for Breaking Barriers, and in the blog category, for the Disability Concerns blog on the Network.  In addition to this summer issue, find back issues of Breaking  Barriers and editions in Español and in 한국어, plus a link for  electronic subscriptions, at either the CRC website or RCA website.

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