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Even though about 20 percent of people in North America live with disabilities, the percentage of people living with disabilities who are also involved in a church is less. In a US study conducted several years ago, about 45 percent of Americans were in church on a typical Sunday morning, but only about 25 percent of Americans with disabilities were in church on a typical Sunday morning.

In my wildest dream for the church, I dream of the day that churches are so welcoming, so eager to have people with disabilities use their gifts, that the percentage of people with disabilities in the church is greater than 20 percent. Wouldn't that be something if people with disabilities knew that if there was anywhere that they would be valued, it would be in a church?

There's a website for the Chicago area called JJ's List which highlights businesses which are disbility aware. Wouldn't it be great if JJ's list highlighted churches as the most welcoming communities in Chicagoland? Imagine: "Enter any church and you can be guaranteed that the people there will be disability aware. They all work  hard to remove barriers to participation and recognize the gifts of each person." Wouldn't that be something if it were true not only in the Chicago area, but across North America and throughout the world?

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Thanks for your great blog about accessibility and welcoming disability in houses of worship. Hope you and your readers will be happy to know that, in fact, you can post a review of the disability awareness of your house of worship on JJ's List. Any church, synagogue or mosque, anywhere, anytime. We believe that worship should be as accessible, welcoming and respectful of disability as any other business or service. Post your reviews and keep up the great work! Thanks!
JJ Hanley
Founder of JJ's List.

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Thanks JJ. I'll spread the word to people I know in the Chicago area. Mark

Love it! this is so important!

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I just put two notes about this on our Facebook page which you can find at www.facebook.com/crcdisabilityconcerns. I'd like to encourage you and other readers to "like" this page. Mark