Regional Disability Advocates Serve Churches

Disability Concerns has a network of Regional Disability Advocates who are eager to assist the churches of their classes. If you wish to be in touch with one of them, click on the name of the Regional Advocate below. In your note, please tell us the name of your church, your city and province/state. If your classis does not have a disability advocate (blank space after classis name below), then please tell us if you know of someone who might like to serve in this way. At the heart of the job description for this volunteer position is to help the churches of a classis have the full participation of all people with disabilities in the life of the church and the full participation of the church in the lives of people with disabilities. 

Classis Alberta North: Elly Van Alten
Classis Alberta North: Linda Rosendal
Classis Alberta South/Saskatchewan: Cara Milne
Classis Arizona:
Classis Atlantic Northeast:
Classis B.C. North-West: Caroline Short
Classis B.C. South-East:
Classis California South:
Classis Central California:
Classis Central Plains:
Classis Chatham: Jenica Groot-Nibbelink
Classis Chatham: Carolyn Groot-Nibbelink
Classis Chicago South: Tami Kuipers
Classis Columbia:
Classis Eastern Canada: Michèle Gyselinck
Classis Georgetown: Laura Koning
Classis Grand Rapids East: Carol Honderd
Classis Grand Rapids North: Jim VandeLune
Classis Grand Rapids South: Scott Sharda
Classis Grandville: Paul Oosterheert
Classis Greater Los Angeles: Steve Nyenhuis
Classis Hackensack: Emma Anderson
Classis Hamilton: Bernie Voortman
Classis Hanmi: Cheon Lee
Classis Heartland:
Classis Holland: Elizabeth Schultz
Classis Holland: Brian Bosch
Classis Hudson:
Classis Huron: Len & Rynie Bakelaar
Classis Iakota: Dan De Vries
Classis Illiana: Sally Poortenga
Classis Kalamazoo: Brian Seifert
Classis Ko-Am: Jonathan J. Kim
Classis Lake Erie:
Classis Lake Superior (Canada): Carol Vande Kraats
Classis Lake Superior (U.S.): 
Classis Minnkota:
Classis Muskegon:
Classis Niagara: Glenda Bouwers
Classis Northcentral Iowa: David Prince
Classis North Cascades: 
Classis Northern Illinois: Mic Altena
Classis Northern Michigan:
Classis Pacific Northwest:
Classis Quinte: William Buwalda
Classis Red Mesa: Nora Redhouse
Classis Rocky Mountain: Dick Sander
Classis Southeast US:
Classis Thornapple Valley:
Classis Toronto: Peter and Linda Dykstra
Classis Wisconsin:
Classis Yellowstone:
Classis Zeeland: Amie Spriensma

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