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Thanks for visiting the Disability Concerns network. Please make yourself at home so that you don't feel like a visitor for long. I hope you find this network to be helpful and important for your life and your service to God. We're here to be helpful to you, and we are wondering how best to do that. What would you like to discuss? What questions are burning within? About what would you like to hear from others?

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Hi Mark,


Just a few thoughts...

--Does anyone have members living with MS?

--What is the general concensus on people's knowlege of MS?



Spitfire, i  would love to talk about it now that I pulled my self together. I have long story with a to share that could be helpfull to you in what ever your searching for in regards to MS. It' a little difficult for me to communicate  so I hope you patience. Forgive me for being selfish on the first encounter between Mark and you. I feel a desire to help not need so ask in detail rather than generaly it's more efficient.And I don't have to tell about energy!  Thanks   Ken

Hi Spitfire: I personally do not live with MS, but I am part of a prairie Canadian church so there is absolutely no doubt that as a church we have lived with MS. There are so many people living with it around here, some with severe forms and others with milder. In fact, a woman around here just went to India for that controversial surgery and is feeling much, much better. I am not sure how much people know about it. I am learning myself just because I am meeting more people who have MS. What is your situation?