What Was Your Best Ministry Idea, Initiative, or Innovation This Past Year?

I'd love to know...what was your best ministry idea, initiative, or innovation during this past year? 

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Love this broad question! From the side of someone in the pew, there is a sermon series my pastor did this summer/early fall on the fruit of the Spirit where each week was an in depth look at a different fruit (love, joy, peace, forbearance, etc.). This series has really stuck with me because each week was incredibly focused and applicable.


Last month, our church participated in a church-wide Peter Fish collection for World Renew. Each child was sent home with a fish bank and devotional booklet. On the final Sunday of the month, a massive row boat was placed at the front of church, and there was a special time in the service for kids to put their Peter Fish in the boat. The kids were also responsible for searching the room for Peter Fish from other members of the congregation. It was so moving to see the kids so excited and proud to turn in their Peter Fish and run up to other church members to collect their fish. Such joy and enthusiasm in their giving! The loud clunk every time a full Peter Fish was dropped into the row boat was also priceless! 

I thought this was a great (and age-appropriate) way to get kids involved in ministry.