The World at Our Doorstep


Just ahead of me is a man wearing a turban and full beard. To my right is a woman wearing a full burqa with only her eyes visible. A father and son sit behind me conversing in Russian. Two young men are speaking an Asian language, perhaps Chinese. Two women are in colorful dress and speak a language I don't recognize at all. This scene is not at the United Nations. It is at a major airport where people are coming and going from every part of the globe. 

Some of the those whose dress and speech is odd to me may well be followers of Jesus. In fact, they may well have followed Him despite trial and persecution. Meanwhile, the English speaking American in a business suit may have long ago turned his back on his Sunday school faith and have no time to even consider the claims of Christ. 

How do we respond to a world where faith, and the lack of it, shows up in surprising places? How must our perspectives and ministry change as we engage a new world?

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