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Christ Memorial Church in Holland, Mich. is looking for someone to direct and lead worship and the worship team in our contemporary service called Dwell, providing leadership both musically and spiritually to the team and congregation.

Christ Memorial Church

595 Graafschap Rd., Holland, MI 49423, 616-796-3370,

"…  to equip God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” (Ephesians 4:12)

Mission of Staff  

The mission of the staff at Christ Memorial Church is to Outfit the church to Influence the world.

Vision of Staff

Christ Memorial Church will develop and maintain a spiritually and emotionally mature staff of professionals who will build effective volunteer ministry teams that accomplish the mission of CMC.

As Christ Memorial staff members as well as brothers and sisters in Christ we commit to:

  • Focus on the mission, vision, and values of CMC – We share ownership of the mission of CMC and contribute to its success by setting clear priorities for achieving our mission.
  • Value the whole person – We demonstrate honesty, kindness, respect work styles, support work-home balance, have fun, include all cultures and backgrounds, and show respect and grace to each other.
  • Communicate openly, respectfully, and directly – We share information, communicate in a timely and clear manner, assume positive intent, acknowledge others, respect deadlines and time of co-workers, and address differences directly through candid conversations.
  • Collaborate as a team – We ask for and offer help, understand one another’s roles, seek varying perspectives, set clear expectations and work as a team. We cross-train for effective support for our co-workers as needed.
  • Continuously growing – We seek opportunities to grow in our faith and position at CMC. We support others in their learning experiences, demonstrate grace, discuss failures, learn, and share.
  • Set high standards and hold ourselves and each other to them – We are good stewards of the resources God has given us and ensure diverse perspectives contribute to our decision making. We celebrate our different gifts and talents and learn to work well with each other’s unique styles.
  • Confidentiality – We work to serve our community and must respect the confidentiality of each person we work with.
  • Policies and Procedures of CMC – We seek to understand policies and procedures and follow them to the best of our ability. Having collaborative conversations when changes need to be made.

Position Title: Worship Leader

Position Status: Part Time – Salary (20 hours/week)

Reports to: Director of Worship Arts

Position focus: Direct and lead worship and the worship team in our contemporary service called Dwell, providing leadership both musically and spiritually to the team and congregation.             

Works cooperatively with: The Director of Worship Arts, Pastors, Leadership Team, tech team, musical volunteers, and paid musicians

Primary Strengths Required:

  • A heart for serving God and leading meaningful worship experiences that support and enhance the message
  • Service-oriented outlook with a goal of magnifying God and minimizing ourselves
  • Collaborative spirit – willingness to use and shepherd our already established worship teams and empower them to give their best to the Lord in worship
  • Communication and organizational skills
    • Ability to assign songs and design worship services in a timely manner
    • Consistent communication with Director of Worship Arts, worship teams, tech teams to ensure a smooth worship experience for the congregation
  • Integrity, dependability, and presence as a spiritual leader of a congregation


  • Sunday Worship Preparation
    • Lead worship on Sunday mornings with the Dwell worship band, modeling and leading in a way that encourages congregational participation and singing
    • Promote a vision of what worship should be in a contemporary setting and how it can contribute to leading followers and guests to Christ in an authentic and vulnerable worship experience
    • Select all music, readings, responses, etc. for Sunday worship, collaborating with the Pastors to ensure that there is cohesion between the music and the message, providing a deep and spiritual worship experience
    • Work alongside tech team to make sure technology needs are met and that ProPresenter slides are correct for Sunday worship
    • Oversee distribution of music (including charts, performance tracks, and other materials as needed) and scheduling of musicians using as an electronic worship planning resource (similar to Planning Center Online) Training resources will be provided
    • Empower both musical and non-musical volunteers to share their gifts in worship
    • Ensure proper care of instruments, communicating needs to Director of Worship Arts in a timely manner
  • Rehearsals
    • Rehearse the Dwell worship band(s) at a mutually convenient time, ensuring that they are prepared and empowered to assist in spiritual leadership (rehearsals are currently on Sunday mornings prior to worship)
  • Weekly Meeting
    • Weekly one-hour meeting with Director of Worship Arts and Worship Team to review needs, discuss church-wide planning and organizing
    • Strategize with worship team and Director of Worship Arts on ways to meet the needs of the Dwell congregation
  • Special Events
    • Collaborate with the Director of Worship Arts and participate in large-scale combined worship events such as Christmas Eve, Good Friday, and the Spring Concert as well as create special worship events (worship nights, concerts, etc.) specific to the Dwell worship experience throughout the year. Assistance will be provided to the Worship Leader in planning and executing these events by additional CMC staff
  • Congregational Relationships
    • Take time to meet with and build relationships with the Dwell congregation as a spiritual leader
    • Be present at CMC events (musical and non-musical) when able, as an invested leader of the church

Essential Skills and Training:

  • Demonstrated ability to lead a contemporary worship service and assist in its growth
  • Ability to lead worship vocally with skills to lead from piano or guitar preferable
  • Thorough knowledge of popular contemporary Christian music
  • Ability to find charts through CCLI, assign music, and rehearse a band
  • Ability to recruit and train emerging leaders of the church
  • Familiarity with in-ear devices, loops, and other technology to support the worship experience
  • Ability to work within assigned budget

20 Hours/Week
It is expected that this schedule will have flexibility, with additional hours needed surrounding big events (Christmas Eve, Holy Week, Concerts) and will relax at other times. There is no desire to overwork or create burnout. Conversations will regularly take place to ensure the Worship Leader has what is needed to be successful.

About Dwell

Dwell is our contemporary worship service that meets concurrently with our traditional service. Dwell is still in its infancy, and we are looking for someone who is charismatic and willing to become a leader and shepherd. The congregation size is on average 70-80 and is growing. There are currently two full volunteer bands that serve to assist in musical leadership as well as a tech team devoted to Dwell’s success. Dwell is meant to provide a relaxed atmosphere where people can authentically encounter Jesus Christ. We are excitedly looking for someone who will continue the good work that has begun and is willing invest in helping shape Dwell’s future.

If interested in this position, please submit resumes to: [email protected]

Position Description current as of: August 15, 2022


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